Where was the Q400 Test all these years
The bases of the Q400 Test is here since this World has been created. Unfortunately, no one was able to figure it out until the early 1960s when Dr. John Crofoot, DN; was blessed with creating this wonderful program that everyone can benefit from.

Why so many questions on Q400 SA
They all have meanings and reasoning and are needed to determine your correct results. They are covering Physical, Emotional, Chemical and Environmental aspects of life.

What if I do not understand Symptoms
No problem. Do not answer it. If you would have the symptom, you would know what the symptom is.

Why some Symptoms are repeating
There is no question repeated, even it sounds like it. They are all based on different reasons.

How soon can I see any improvement
Depends on your condition and how one is following the test results. The healthier you are, faster results you will experience.

How often do I need to take Q400 SA Test
We recommend to retest after the first 3-4 months. Then every six to ten months.
Again, it depends on the condition of the person and how fast the symptoms are disappearing.

What if I have no symptoms or questions to answer
Every person will be able to answer a question or two on our Symptomology Questionnaire. Symptoms are indicators of your condition. If a person would have no symptoms to answer, that indicates there is definitely something going on that needs attention immediately..

Do I have to eat only foods listed on my Q400 Results
Yes, it is a good habit to get into. Your list will provide you with unending combinations of meals you can prepare. However, with each food you eat, that is not on your list, make sure you eat 2-3 foods that are on your list.

How do I know Q400 SA works
When your unwanted symptoms are disappearing.

Do I have to buy Supplements listed on my Q400 Results
Supplements do help to enhance your recovery. However, we recommend the foods first.