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What's Hot & What's Not

16 Jul 2017

What is Hot 

An eye-opening program that shows you how to grasp the origin and nutritional value of the foods you eat.
Conceptually, Theoretically and Clinically proven that  "It Works".

With our powerful Q400Test Results you will be able to see what to do and what not to do, how to choose the right Foods for your specific chemistry. Our one time download copy of the ABCs of Nutrition E-book, worth $50, is included with each Q400 Test Results. 32 pages of "Hot" information that is not available anywhere. It contains cute original drawings by Dr. Crofoot depicting each subject that can easily be used as an educational coloring book for children.

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Online Presentations & Webinars

12 Jul 2017

 Online Presentations

The web Educational Presentations are coming soon.

1. Business Opportunity
These Presentations will be scheduled for every Tuesday 5PM PST and will concentrate on how to start your MLM Business with the most effective steps and how to maximize your income. You will find a new, hassle free, and refreshing way to build your business.
Starting dates will be announced soon.

2. Product Education
These Presentations will be schedulled for every Thursday 5 PM PST and will concentrate on the general overview of our Q400 Symptomology Analysis and other products as well. In addition, each week we will a chose a specific symptom for discussion. We have additional Nutritional supplements and Natural cleaning products added to our program. We will be explaining benefits of each of these products.

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Business Opportunity

12 Jul 2017

Your Time is Now

Economics of Today
In today’s world full of economic instabilities, people losing jobs or businesses, not enough money for medical insurance, the month is always longer than the paycheck, and other economic issues, we are here to help. We offer the Solution!

Economic Solutions
Our Educational System is designed to provide you with guidance and direction to a more Youthful and Financially Healthier you. Learn to turn your Youth & Health into Youth & Wealth. It is a combination that comes with great side effects - your Health.

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