The Founder - Dr. John Crofoot, DN

Doctor John has studied Biochemistry since his teenage years. He is a Doctor of Nutripathy and his goal is to improve the health of mankind, by providing nutritional/dietary counseling and education.
Dr. Crofoot has been associated with over 150 physicians that include M.D.’s, PHD’s, Surgeons, Physiologist and Nutritional Doctors, Scientists, Researchers, Bio-chemist and Entomologist. Being able to work together with these people in medical and nutritional research for over four decades has had a massive impact on the development of his system as we see it today.

Dr. Crofoot’s statistics are more than impressive: Clinical documented studies since 1964 on Thousands of Patients in Forty Countries.
Yes, it is more than IMPRESSIVE!

Question: How do I know what Nutrition & Foods are right for me?
Answer: Symptomology Analysis Q400 Test. Your symptoms are the Eyes that see the gauges of Your Health!

As the Founder says: “This program is revolutionary because it works at the atomic level of the body’s metabolism where healing is initiated. I would not be alive without it. It is that accurate”.

The Roots of the Q400 Test
For treating ill persons It is always more exacting to make such a diagnosis based on analysis of the body fluids, x-rays, CT scans – however in most cases these are sought only if indications for the common symptoms fail. Pancreatic cancer, for example is almost never diagnosed until it is too late. When serious conditions have advanced, often x-rays and CT scans are void of visually identifiable abnormal conditions.

Only after trial and error does the average patient seek the doctor. The patients themselves usually treat unwanted symptoms with the use of old remedies and over the counter non – prescription drugs. Women are more apt to seek the aid of a physician for themselves and their children before the male does, (a macho thing) perhaps that’s why women generally outlive males.

Most early manifested symptoms are nutritional needs by the body. The symptoms are so important, because the body function is “crying out” wherein it needs help. Properly interpreting these unwanted symptoms quickly satisfies the person when they can do something about it to experience relief. Our natural ability to recognize the need for more rest, sleep, water and certain foods has been lost by most persons, including the doctor. We seem to have lost our natural ability to know what to do, so we can feel better.

We Have Answers
Each day more and more people like you recognize the importance of proper nutrition. We now are experiencing an exciting move in medicine toward preventing disease rather than treating disease after the fact.

Our questionnaires and Computer Analyses have been correlated to provide a recommendation of food and supplement intake. Because each person is unique, the program is designed to provide you with dietary modifications that can help improve body performance, from an athlete to the elderly.

When you receive the computer printout results you can learn what nutritional modifications are necessary for your optimum health. It is true that people are sick today simply from lack of knowledge on how nutrition works. Foods that are needed for your optimum nutrition are listed along with vitamins and minerals that are recommended. Our online Preventive Health system, the Q400 Test will assist you in improving your short term and long-term health. When you are looking for answers – we have them.

What is Your Body Asking for
The goal is for the two (Allopathic and Dr. John’s Bio-Chem system) to meet in the middle. The following is a compilation of hundreds of pages of research that explains how Dr. John’s program works.

His program evaluates chemistry, seeking the light frequency of a deficiency in question. Since each vitamin and mineral has its own light frequency and each organ has its own vitamin and mineral requirement for optimum performance and well being, this evaluation will recommend foods that have an abundance of particular light frequency missing. Since most deficiencies are multiple, certain foods may fill all these deficiencies.

Through Dr. John’s research, we know which nutrients are necessary for optimum health of each organ. Our nutritional software program determines which organ is malfunctioning by the deficiency of vitamins and/or minerals. The software will calculate which foods are needed to supply these proper nutrients that will work on the correct light (color) frequency of foods, which in turn will work on balancing the body’s chemistry and the pH values of the body.

We provide the Q400 Test for you to fill out regarding your current health. Your questionnaire is processed by our analysis software and we send you an e-mail when the Results “The Dashboard of Your Health” are ready for you to review. It is that simple.

“Not all the best food is the right food – right food for your chemistry”. We need to know what our body is made of and we need to find out what our body is asking for, before we can help. Our body does not come with a panel full of gauges so that we can see what to add, what to take away or what to repair, however.

The Q400 Test is that “Instrument Panel” where your symptoms are the eyes that see the gauges of Your Health, and you can see these gauges anytime you like, on “The Dashboard of Your Health” – Q400 Symptomology Test. No more Searching. No more Guesswork needed!

Our program is very unusual, unconventional; a Personal Preventive Health Care System that has been created for the benefit of all. Created from Need – not Greed!

The Q400 Symptomology Analysis
The Questionnaire has been correlated to provide a recommendation of food and supplement intake suggesting a better dietary program based solely on your biochemical individuality. Your Q400 SQ answers are entered into the computer. The computer goes through over 140,000 steps of logic comprising 67 million bytes of computer information to produce your personalized nutritional evaluation. This service will assist you in improving your short term and long term health. Any way you look at it this unique health service is an OUTSTANDING VALUE.

Why Symptomology Analysis – “The Dashboard of Your Heath"

There are approximately 1.2 million body types. For example, if you dial a specific phone number you should reach the party you dialed (barring any electronic failure). It is no exaggeration that each person is as unique as their phone number. Major body types are like the area code, further divided into more defined groups like the prefix defines the town. Finally, each body type is defined individually just as the last four digits of your phone number that identifies only your phone.

Body chemistry is as individual as you are and nutritional needs are determined genetically; not by a predominate life style. Diets and nutrition affect everyone differently. How nutrients affect the body is determined by the dominant system or Ph level. Optimum health and wellbeing is dependent upon the amount and quality of energy the body produces from the fuel consumed.

Some Benefits of “Online” System
No Guesswork – What Nutrition You Need
No Guesswork – On Nutritional Deficiency
No Guesswork – What Foods to Eat for Your Specific Chemistry
Customized – For Your Color Frequency
Research – Over 40+ Years
The System – Built on Solid Foundation
Clinical Experience – 40+ Years
Fast Service – Get Results in Just Minutes Online
Private – From The Privacy of Your Home
Comfort – From The Comfort of Your Home
Convenient – Anytime, Anywhere
Accessible – Anywhere in The World
Affordable – A Fraction of the cost of Anything Else
No Competition – Nothing Like it Anywhere
Health Benefits – Enjoy Your Life Better
It’s All About pH – We Have The Answer
It’s True – It Works in Theory and in Practice as Well