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Q400 Symptomology Analysis 
Not all the best food is the right food – right food for your chemistry. We need to know what our body is made of and we need to find out what our body is asking for, before we can help. Our bodies do not come with a panel full of gauges so that we can see what to add, what to take away or what to repair. However…

Our Q400 Test is that “Instrument Panel” where your symptoms are the eyes that see the gauges of Your Health and you can see these gauges anytime you like, on “The Dashboard of Your Health” – our Q400 Test. No more Searching, No more Guesswork needed!

Our program is very unusual, unconventional; a Personal Preventive Health Care System that has been created for the benefit of all! Created from Need – not Greed!

How to take our Q400 Symptomology Analysis Questionnaire
1. Go to the Q400 Test page. Fill all the info correctly. Make sure your E-mail address is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT on the Q400 Test Form!
2. Answer the symptoms that you are experiencing within the last 6 months only.
3. Answer only the symptoms that you know. If you do not know the symptom – do not mark it.
4. Agree with the Terms & Conditions before submitting your test.
5. Submit your test. You will be redirected to our Merchant Payment Process.
6. When your Q400 Test is paid for and processed, information with your user name, password and the link where to retrieve your Results will be sent to your E-mail address that you provided on your Q400 Test form.
7. Typical wait for the Q400 Results information is 15 to 30 minutes.
8. As a BONUS, we will email you a one time download link for Dr. Crofoot’s e-book ABCs of Nutrition – $50 value ……. at no cost to you.
Make sure your E-mail address is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT on the Q400 Test Questionnaire.
Please, make sure to create and use safe and recognized Internationaly kown and aproved email such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. 
Otherwise, you will never receive your Q400 Test Results.

Do not use in the Q400 Questionnaire any emails such as comcast, cox, shaw or whateever your contry system you are using.
We will solve this issue with an API comming soon.

Understanding Your Q400 Test Results
1. Your Food
Get your nutrition from the FOOD LIST! Foods listed with the Vitamins and Minerals are your basic foods and will work on repairing of your body, improving your body and/or maintaining your body for optimum health. You will have many foods to choose from. If you eat a food that is NOT on your list then eat 2-3 foods that ARE on your list to keep your chemistry balanced. However, it is highly recommended to concentrate on foods that are customized for your specific chemistry because they work very effectively on the improvement of your health. Retake your Q400 Test in three months and see your progress. If you were following the steps and your chemistry did not change much, only then you will need to enhance your daily food intake with Supplements!

2. Your Vitamin & Mineral Supplements
The deficiency of Vitamins and Minerals listed on your Results page are your highest priority. It is your customized and/or personalized nutrition your body is asking for. NO GUESSWORK! Our system is food based, however if the following Q400 Test in the next 3 months shows NO or very LITTLE improvement, you will need to add recommended supplements. People that supplement their customized foods with their customized Vitamins and Minerals suggested by Q400 Test have shown faster improvement in their health.

3. Your Extra Bonus: Body Area Info
The body areas listed with each Vitamin and Mineral depicts those areas that need attention now and/or in the near future. This preventive system will give you a true look at your body's organs now, as well as into the future.

Watch for improvements in your health and/or reduction of your symptoms. We recommend to Re-test yourself every 3 months or as needed.

NOTE: In case of specific or restricted diet due to a kidney, heart, or other disease, and/or being a vegetarian/vegan, please look for the foods and supplements on your list that you know you can utilize with your restricted diet.
Watch the Gauges of your Health, what to add or take away! It is cheaper to MAINTAIN than have an expensive REPAIR! Eat Right for Your Chemistry

What to do with your Results? Eat the Food on Your List…. IT WORKS!